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Real Newbie Question - Differences in View/Modify/Administrator Permissions


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Just getting set up, and have created my first folder, which will have sub-folders with downward propagation.  It may seem silly, but I have searched for some time, and can't find any definition anywhere for what the permissions actually provide.  View seems obvious enough, and modify may mean create/change/delete (or is it change only?), but what does "Administrator" provide?


I'd really like to understand the detail, as I want to give users what they need, but not beyond what is needed. 


Are these defined somewhere, and I've just missed it? 



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Following up, I did just find the following text in the user manual, so I am updating here in case somebody else has the same question.  From the looks of it, modify does not allow create, so if I want a user to be able to make new password entries, they have to be given administrator permissions. 


That does leave concern with the way I had planned to accomplish the hierarchy, with permissions flowing down from the parent "clients" folder, to each subfolder ("client1", "client2", etc.).  If I read it right, anybody that I want to give full password controls too, would also have the ability to pretty much globally change permissions or delete the entire clients folder in a shot, so should I instead restrict the top level and specifically add permissions to each sub-folder? 




Password and Password List Permissions
Permissions can be applied for individual User Accounts, or Security Groups (either a Local
Security Group, or an Active Directory Security Group). The following types of permissions are
Password Lists:
o View: Can only view the passwords
o Modify: View access, plus edit and delete passwords
o Administrator: Modify access, plus administer permissions and make changes to the Password
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Hi DaveP,


Thanks for the forum post and just want to clarify one thing...Our documentation wasn't 100% clear with this.  It should read:


Modify: View access, plus Add, edit and delete passwords


We've changed this in our documentation now, and thanks for pointing this out to us.  And to clarify, you should not give users Administration Access to a Password List unless you want them to change settings on the Password List.


So, not really a newbie question, and sorry for the confusion.




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Okay, then I don't feel as stupid, and am glad I asked.  I would have done it wrong.  I appreciate your not only answering quickly, but addressing the issue immediately, instead of "in the next release" as so many companies do.

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No problems DaveP,


We are the type of company to admit when we make a mistake, and thanks for your understanding about this.  We're sure you spent more time than you needed finding this out, due to an oversight by us.  But we're glad you're on track now and we hope you like evaluating our software:)






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