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Can't make Client Based Auto launch work?


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Hi All


Trialing this software, just installed yesterday, so bear with me.


I have been following this KB article: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version7/Remote_Session_Launcher_Installation_Instructions.pdf


So, I've got a host in my host list, with a remote password credential linked - that seems fine.

  • My prerequisites are in place - powershell + .net 4.5
  • I've installed the RDP software from the Hosts Home > Install and configure client based remote session launcher
  • I've down the configure browser step (although this doesnt do much - just the screenshot they show)


Now, when trying to auto launch, nothing happens at all.

No popups, no errors, nothing.




Edit: Stupidity on my part --- popups were blocked.

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