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storing ssl certs with password


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i've got a user storing the private key for a certificate in password state and they asked about storing the actual certificate in passwordstate as well. I saw there's an option to add a document to a password. From reading the docs this cert is also encrypted so it seems like a perfectly valid option. Am I missing something or is this a valid solution?

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Hi Bobby,

Yes, that is what a lot of our customers do to store SSL certificates. 


Your other option is to select the SSL Certificates template when creating a Password List, and this will configure a Generic Field to store the 'text' value of your certificate in.




Click Studios

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Hi there,


is it also possible to add the certificate as file to this templates?


We need this I guess almost always, because of the different format types. So we would like to store:

Plain Certificate as PEM Text

Plain Key Text

Additional PFX as File 


Is that possible too?


Kind regards,


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Hi Constantin,


You can upload any type of file to a Password Record, a Password List or a Folder.  To upload a certificate file to a password record, please do this from the actions menu.  You'll see a little document icon on your Password Record after you have uploaded one, and your document can then be accessed from this icon, or also selecting the view Documents from the Actions menu.  Hope this helps!






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