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Set permissions with API


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I want to create a password folder or password list. I want to give multiple users access to view this list. These users are already members of our password state, but with limited rights (can't view everything). Is this possible? I can't find it anywhere. It looks like i can copy permissions from an existing list or folder, but can't set or change permissions on a new or existing list or folder.


Thank you!

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So this was great and I can now update a password list permission via API, but it is still a huge blocker that I can't add new users to password state using an API. Am I missing something in the documentation? Or is it not possible to add a user (or sync from an AD group) from AD through the API?

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Hi Brian,


Sorry, we do not have those Account Management features built into the API. I guess our initial thoughts about this was it's quite quick to add a Security Group in via the UI, and let the sync happen, compared to scripting this.


Click Studios

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This would be great, but the security group seems to only be capable of a one-time sync. As new users are added to the AD security group I then need to go do another manual sync of the group. Am I incorrect here and not seeing a way to add a group to the account management screen that will sync on it's own?


On another note, I really appreciate your active responses. Thank you!!

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Hi BrianSar,


No issues with the responses, that's what we're here for:)


Security Groups definitely  should be syncing on a regular schedule, and it's the Passwordstate windows service which performs this task.  This initial adding in of the security group doesn't use the windows service, which explains why you are seeing it being added into the system. First thing I'd check is to make sure your schedule is set to a reasonably quick sync time, maybe something like every 30 minutes if you like from this area:




I would then check the Passwordstate Windows service is running on your web server, and if your accounts do not start to sync after these changes, please let me know and we can investigate further:)





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