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Multiple Reset Portals?


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I've got a setup question we are trying to figure out.  Possibly a licensing question too.  For the pasword reset portal, does it matter how many actual portals we have setup, is the license based on number of users?  For example, say we have a 1000 user portal reset license and we already have an internal password reset webserver setup on the inside...but it's not reachable from outside our company network.  I'm thinking I could throw a second reset portal in our DMZ, allow that 443 traffic in from there to our passwordstate server inside our production network.  Can I run two reset portals like that and still use my 1000 user license for both if those are the same user base?


What I want to avoid is having to have all our internal users have to go outside, then route back in if they have a password reset they need to do.  If they are inside, they would route to our inside reset portal...and if they are remote, they could get in through our dmz setup reset portal.  Does that make  sense at all or is this a bad idea for this setup?

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Hi tburke,


No issues with this from a licensing perspective, as it's based on the number of users - which would be the same in this case, as both instances would be pointing to the API of your production web server.


The only confusion might be emails the portal can generate i.e. enrollment emails, were it includes a link the user can click on to enroll their accounts.


Click Studios

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