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How to apply a two factor authentication option to all Passwordstate users


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You want to force all users of Passwordstate to log in using a specific authentication method which includes a Two Factor Authentication option for better security.


How Do I do this?

This example shows how to create a User Account Policy which will force all users of Passwordstate to login with their Active Directory Credentials, plus they will need to use Google Authenticator as a second authentication option to get into the website.


Please note you should have your Emergency password handy just in case you lock yourself out of the system.  This video will show you how to use Emergency Access:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP0riGN5Ek4


Step 1:

Under Administration -> User Account Policies, Add in a new Policy



Step 2:

Give the policy a name, a description and also ensure you set option A6 to "Manual AD and Google".  Save the policy.



Step 3:

Select Apply Policy to Users from the Actions menu




Step 4:

Select All users and Security Groups and click Save



Now the next time any of your Passwordstate Users attempt to log into Passwordstate, they will be forced to enter their AD credentials as a first pass, and their Google One Time code as a second pass.


Hope this helps!


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