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Browser Extensions no longer seem to automatically fill a website when they previously did?


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Occasionally you might come across one or two websites that don't seem to auto-fill anymore after upgrading Passwordstate to build 8600. 



We made some changes in this build so our browser extensions would be more accurate, and not auto fill other unwanted fields within the web page.  If the Field IDs on your Password Records are inaccurate, then our browser extension will stop auto-filling these fields.


Why Would the Field IDs be inaccurate?:

When Passwordstate first captures your credentials from a web page, it also captures a unique username and password ID field, so it knows where to auto-fill your credentials.  Occasionally, web pages get updates, and sometimes this can mean the Field IDs are changed in that process.  The IDs you have saved in Passwordstate are no longer valid, and hence it stops auto-filling.


How to fix this:

First, you need to identify the new Field IDs for the Username and Password fields for your broken website.  Please see this video below on how to quickly inspect the page, and update your Field IDs in Passwordstate:




Please Note:

It's vitally important that after you make changes to your Passwordstate record, that you then log out of the extension and back in, other wise the extension will not know that these changes have been made.


Another Note:

If you do not have any field IDs saved for your password record, that's ok, our browser extensions will attempt to guess the value on the web page when trying to auto fill.  This should work in most instances, but you may find that it also start auto-filling some other fields within the web page.


If you still have issues, please don't hesitate to contact us on support@clickstudios.com.au





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