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Browser Extension - Update Password

Fabian Näf

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Hi all,


In the last days I had issues with different websites to fill the form. Usually it helped to update the id or name fields, because the website changed the tags.


It would be great if the browser would recognize when I enter my credentials manually on a website (where the website is already existing in Passwordstate) that it already exists and would ask me if I would like to update this Passwordstate record to match the new field tags. 


Also if I logon manually to a website, where the website is already existing in Passwordstate, and I use the same username, but a different password, the browser extension could recognize this and ask me if I like to update the password.


I general I would wish that the browser extension would be a bit more userfriendly, for me it's fine to inspect a website and update the tag fields in Passwordstate, but for the most of our users it's a litte bummer, they don't get it.

If someone else from the community has any suggestions how to make it more userfriendly from his experience, don't hesitate to share your thoughts.


Thanks to all other people in the community for a "+1" reply and thanks to Clickstudios for putting my request to the queue of feature requests :-)


All the best,



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Hey Fabian,


We couldn't agree with you more.  Just a quick heads up what's currently happening in our browser extensions space:


Late last year we made quite a few changes to the browser extensions in the back end to update security, and change the architecture to be more accurate when autofilling fields and hopefully they'll now capture more websites.  We'll constantly improve this if we can over time, but the bigger picture is to use this improved back end for a benchmark for some all new extensions we're currently developing.  We're getting close to finishing Chrome, and then we'll move on to FF, Safari, and Edge when the Chromium version is released.  IE sadly we can't touch anymore, maybe only minor updates for that.


Updating the Field ID's is something we have discussed just in the last week, and I am almost certain this will happen, but it wasn't in the original scope.  Updating Passwords we also agree would be perfect, and I'll raise this as a "can we do this" item at the next meeting. 


The reason you are finding a few websites that no longer fill is because we are being more precise as of build 8600 as to what fields we fill.  Combine this with websites changing their ID since the password record was first saved in Passwordstate and we agree, it's a bit of a pain point and we're sorry for that.  But your suggestions are perfect really, and it will definitely make our extensions better. 


We realise that the extensions are fast becoming one of the most important tools in our software, so we definitely want to make them a priority this year:)


I might respond to your other post in the morning if that's ok:)  It's getting a bit late here and i need some zzzzz's:)




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