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Error after migration to new server(DB and Webserver)


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Good morning I find this error in the server event log every 5 minutes:


An error has occurred calling the method DeleteOldSelfDestructMessages(). Error = The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.


i have follow

1. https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-database-server.aspx.

2. https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-web-server.aspx



I searched the forum, but nothing. Can anyone help me?

Thank you for your help.




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Hello Nicola,


Sorry you're having some issues, and can you tell me if you possibly use any Reverse Proxy Servers, or Load Balancers in your environment?


If not, could you go to the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Self Destruct Messages tab, and let me know if there is a value specified for the 'Separate Site URL' field - by default, this should be blank unless you have installed this Self Destruct Message web site separately from your main Passwordstate install - which would be unlikely.


And finally, if you go to the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous tab, is the 'Base URL' field here correct for your new Passwordstate URL?

If you make any changes here, please restart the Passwordstate Windows Service.


Click Studios

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Good morning, I don't use ne proxy proxy, or balancer in my enviroment.

I enclose the screen of the Self Destruct Message section and confirm that the BASE URL is the address with which the portal is called.

Even though I didn't make changes to the sections, I still restarted the service and server, with no result.

I also attach queries for debugging.

Regards Nicola.





Finally, I noticed that by changing the parameters, for example the allowed IPs, I get this "Message from Webpage".





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Hi Nicola,


We're not sure sorry - the only time we've seen issues like this is when using Proxy Servers, Load Balancers, or the Base URL field is not accurate.

In IIS, is the 'selfdrestruct' folder create as an 'Application' - screenshot below of this? It should be, and we're trying to Post data to the API within this Application.



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