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New Installation - Creating Duplicate Lists


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I have installed PasswordState and it appears to running ok, except when I create a new folder or list, I see duplicate folders and lists in the lists on the left hand side. 


Is this an issue or have I missed something?









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snip of console
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Hi Rob,


We're not aware of any issues in Passwordstate where it can create duplicate folders or Password Lists, so we're not sure why you are seeing this. If you right click on Password Home, and create Password List, is it creating two of them?


Also, can you tell us what build of Passwordstate you're using - in older builds of Passwordstate, some customers were double clicking on the 'Finish' button for our Add Password List Wizard, which was causing this. But that we a while ago and you cannot do this in later builds.


Click Studios.

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Thanks for getting back in touch with me.  Yeah the doubling of everything is a little bizarre.  I have done what you suggested, and made sure that I did not double click the finish button.  The new list is called "test" under windows services. 


Wondering if it would be best to start again? 


When trying to get it working, I had issues with IIS and the SSL\Certificate not being bound, put this was a quick fix. Once I had found the issue.  Not sure if this would be related to this?





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Hi Robert,


Sorry, we're really not sure as no other customers are reporting this - it is very odd. Maybe we can remote in and take a look at your environment?


With the Add Password List Wizard, there is a checkbox on this screen to disable the Wizard. Can you try checking this, cancel the wizard, and then try again to see if it duplicates? If you also use a different browser, does the same issue persist - I'm just trying to rule out any browser extensions which might be causing issues here?


Click Studios

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