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Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

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Passwordstate can work with Azure MFA, using our One Time Passwords authentication option.  Here's how to set this up:


Step 1:

Take note of your emergency password under Administration -> Emergency Access.  If you make a mistake during this process, you can reverse out the changes using this password.  This video shows how to use the Emergency Password:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP0riGN5Ek4



Step 2:

Under Administration -> System Settings -> Authentication Options, choose either Manual AD and One Time Password, or just One Time Password.  Save this once you have confirmed your choice. 





Step 3:

Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator App in your phone from the App Store


Step 4:

Browse to your Passwordstate website, and on the login screen you should be presented with a QR Code.  Scan this into your phone and you should have a functioning One Time Password code you can use to log into Passwordstate


We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any questions about this.




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Hello Mika,


As long as your settings in Passwordstate are correct for the One-Time Password fields, then generally this is a time issue on your phone - please ensure your phone time is not more than one minute out compared to your Passwordstate web server.


Click Studios

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