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Parameters in url


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We have built an custom launcher for SAP using the API.

The launcher is invoked using an custom uri that is saved in the url field in Passwordstate: pssap://abap?account=<PasswordID>


Would it be possible to automatically add that value to all url fields for that list type?

Now we first need to create the password entry and then add the url after the passwordid have been generated.

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Hi Tester22,


At this stage we do not have the ability to update the URL field automatically when adding in a record.  We think you could somehow use the API to date the record after you have created it.  ie you could use the API to search for the password record and retrieve the passwordID, and then construct a URL which includes that PasswordID, and then use the Update API call to enter in that custom URL.


I'm not sure if this is what you need though? 


Are you using our remote session launcher in any capacity to do this?  Or is your custom launcher completely separate to our remote session launcher, and all you need out of our software is the custom URL?


Kind Regards,


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Hi Support,


Yes, I was considering that approach since we already have one script adding hosts from our CMDB into Passwordstate. Just wasn’t sure if it was an easier way.


The launcher is completely separated from your launcher since I didn’t find an way to extend it with other protocols and that we have the login link placed both in Passwordstate and JIRA. That way most of our users doesn’t even need to login to Passwordstate to perform their work.




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