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Possible to Move/Copy multiple (selected) passwords

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Hi ,


Thanks for the feedback.


I've found it.  But this is only via the administrator panel.  Can this be done in the front panel?

You can select multiple and delete, but not move/copy


Maybe feature request.


BTW we have some very simple request to optimize the software.  Can we send you an email?



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Hi Kurt,


No problems at all.  We'll certainly consider any optimizations you can suggest.  If it's a quick change we'll put it in straight away, but otherwise we might get you to log it in our feature request forum.  Sometimes what seems like a simple change can be a few days worth of work:(


As for the bulk move option, you are correct and this can only be done from the Admin panel.  I guess our thought process for this is it's an operation that wouldn't need to be carried out all that often, so that's why a Security Administrator is tasked with it.  Do you think you'll need to do it on an ongoing basis?


If so, this might be one for you to log in the Feature Request forum, and we'll do our best to get to it as soon as we can!







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