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Multi Password Types in one list?


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Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find a direct answer.   Is there a way to have multiple password types in one password list?  I'm a part of a small organization, and it doesn't make sense to create multiple lists for multiple types, particularly when shared.


As an example, there's a few passwords for facilities people.  We would store a variety of items, such as Lockboxes (Box ID + Code), websites (Login + password), and maybe even a corporate card for them.   As I'm working with the system, do I have to create a different password list (from different templates) in order for the data fields to fix correctly?   I know I can fudge it somewhat and use the website type with username + password and forego the other requirements,  but it seems inelegant.   I'm used other solutions and they have this capability (one list, but different password types).


Is there a trick to accomplish this?

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