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Control access to which passwords can be requested


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We have users who we want to allow to request access to a privileged account password. With the "Request Access to Passwords" feature enabled in the menu those users are able to see every password list and every password title. The users can see a list of all account usernames, descriptions and passwordlists. I might be doing something wrong but it doesn't seem very secure to allow users to be able to see this information. At the moment I have disabled access to the menu item but I would like to use the feature - just not have users being able to see all passwordlists/passwords that are not normally visible to them.


Is there a way to lock down which passwords a user can see in this list or can it be added as a feature. I'd envisage this working whereby a permission is given to a user/group to request access at a password level or a passwordlist level.



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Hi Bobstheword,

You cannot selectively chose which Password Lists or records appear on the screen, but there is some control over the fields displayed.

If you go to the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Password Options tab, you will see the option 'When users are 'Requesting Access' to passwords, hide the following fields due to possible sensitive information being stored in them:' which might help with your query.


Click Studios

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