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User with permission for "Propagate Permissions Downwards" Folder cant see Folder Upwards

Tobias k

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if I add a Folder with Propagate Permissions into a normal Folder  (image 1) and grant an other user to acces to this Propagate Folder, this user can't see the Folders over this. This User see this Propagate Folder only in the root. We organzie thousends of PasswordLists in hundrets of Folder with "Propagate Permissions Downwards"  and it is easier to order them in normal Folders.


Is it posible that all user with permissions for Propagate Downwards Folder can view the Folder tree upwards too? If we do the same with  normal "Managed permission" Folder it works fine.


We have currently installed PasswordState Build 8729


view of User 1



view of User 2



Thank you

Kind regards

Tobias K.


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Hi Tobias,

Generally not - you would either need to propagate down from the top level folder, or like the ManagedPermissionsFolder, manage permissions on 'Folder 3' manually so you can add users in here as well. I hope this makes sense.


Click Studios

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Hello support,

Currently we use ManageedPermissionsFolder on upwards levels. But it isn't not easy to manage all upwards level folder permisions for all Teams ^^

I hoped it is possible.

Thank you.


It would be great if this will be possible in the future.



Tobias k.

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