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Can the Browser Extension use the Mobile Site?


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So far I've only tested the browser extension using an internal domain address.  With more of our applications moving to Cloud Providers, my desire is to have the extension work while remote/laptops users are able to use the internet, but not necessarily on VPN.  An offline method is not necessary, because you can't use cloud providers without internet.


I can see that I can put in an alternate/external URL for the browser extension.  Will the mobile site URL work?  Or would this be for redirecting traffic directly back into the passwordstate server?  For security reasons, I've put the mobile site in the DMZ.  However, in usage reality, 95% of the usage would be for the browser extension for my users.



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Hi Mike,


Sorry, our browser extensions are only designed to be used with desktop browsers, and not browsers on mobile phones. And the extensions need to communicate to the Passwordstate API, and not the mobile web site itself. I hope that makes sense.


Click Studios

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