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Use Autolauncher SSH Key with Password


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i have a custom list template with 2 extra field for private and public key. by default there is also a username and password field in this template. the password is the password for the key.

also i created a linux host which accepted auth with ssh keys. i also added these ssh credentials within the host tab for all linux servers.


now i want to use the auto launch ssh button. but this is not available. if i choose manual launcher and select the ssh key credentials putty tries to connect with password as username. which then is shown plaintet in the connection error message.


or in short: can i use ssh auto launch with password protected ssh keys, and if so, how to do this?


thanks :)

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Hi Remo1,


Yes, you should be able to do this, and I was only testing this myself yesterday. So you don't share any sensitive information in the forums, can you contact us via the following page and provide the folowing - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx

  • A screenshot of any Remote Session Credentials you have created
  • A screenshot of your password record with the private key
  • And what you see on the screen when you click on the Host in the navigation tree

Thanks very much.


Click Studios

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