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Troubleshooting Resets Getting Stuck in the Queue


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If you are noticing that Password Resets are getting stuck in the queue, please check the following items to determine the cause of this:

  • On your Passwordstate web server, see if there are any errors being logged in the Windows Application Event Log
  • Check the Passwordstate Windows Service is started
  • In the web.config file on your primary server (not High Availability server),  ensure the PassiveNode key is set to false - if it is not, change it to false and restart the Passwordstate Windows Service
  • By default, the Passwordstate Windows Service runs under the identity of the 'Local System' account, and this should never need to be changed unless you are using a Managed Service Account (MSA) for database connectivity. If you are not using an MSA account for database connectivity, please ensure the service is set to run under the identity of 'Local System'
  • Password Resets generally use a Privileged Account credential to perform the reset. Please check the password for the account being used is correct - these accounts can be found on the screen Administration -> Privileged Account Credentials.



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