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New Browser Extension (8765) Beta Feedback

Fabian Näf

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Hi Guys,


this morning I've just seen the blog about the new browser extension and I couldn't wait to install it. I really love all the new features, it improves the extension so much!


During my first tests I remarked some things I'd like to report back. I tested with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (64-Bit).


Wait until logged in

Like a half year ago (or more?), the old extension got a big improvement: The extension turned white (logged in) when the Passwordstate page started to load. Before I always had to wait until the whole Passwordstate page got loaded. This was very usefull when you work in a slower network (like WiFi) or if your server is on the slower side. 

With the new browser extension unfortunately it's again like, that I need to wait until the whole Passwordstate page finshed loading to get logged in. You can notice the difference very good, when you have the now and the old extension working in parallel. 


Unexpected logged out

I also had this issue with the old extension as well: All of a sudden I'm logged out of the extension, before the timeout has been reached. While testing I had the old and the new extension activated in parallel (don't hope this was causing the issue). Like 10 minutes after I started testing, all of a sudden I was logged out from the new extension, but still logged in with the old extension. This is just a first report after some less testing. I'm going to monitoring this a but more...


Search when multiple passwords available

When I go to a website, where I have multiple credentials (2) matching. There is this new fantastic icon overlay, where I can choose between the credentials. In this overlay there's the search box. First of all, the search box is not visible (no border). If I would'n have read about this on the blog I wouldn't have noticed this function. When I type in this search box, searching is working and filtering out the not matching credentials, but I don't see anything typed in this box, I can't see what I've typed.

(tested with www.gmx.ch)


Curser directly in search field

This is just a suggestion, but would improve the usability a litte bit and making your workflow a bit faster. With the new extension you can click on the extension icon and search through all your available passwords, what is absolutely genious! I really really love this feature. In my opinion it would also be great, when the cursor would be placed in the search field directly after I clicked on the extension icon too. So I could click on the icon and directly start to type without needing to put the cursor there first.


Thank you guys so much for developing the new extension!


All the best,



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Hi Fabian,


Thanks for testing the new extensions for us.  You do a lot of testing and we really appreciate it:)


To answer your questions:


1. I'll raise with this our main developer of the new browser extension, and I'll report back here to see what we can do.


2. Can we ask what environment is your Passwordstate server in?  Workgroup or Domain?  What we've heard previously, although we cannot replicate it ourselves, is a user that hosted Passwordstate in a  Workgroup, that was using his router for DNS, was getting logged out of the extension randomly.  After he moved to a domain, with an AD DNS server running, his issue went away immediately.  


3. We managed to replicate this search box issue on one of our sites.  But in a majority of sites we've tested against we haven't seen this error.  Thanks for reporting it, we'll get it patched before we release the production version of this build.


4. Sure thing, and good idea.  I'll also see if we can make the cursor take focus on the search box when clicking on the extension.  Not sure if we can do this yet but I'll run it past Udit (our primary extension developer), and will report back here with more information about this.


Hopefully in 24 to 48 hours I'll have a bit more information about this:)


Thanks again Fabian, good to see you are still using Passwordstate, we haven't heard from you for a while:)





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Hi Guys,


Thank you very much for picking up my inputs!

About the unexpected logout: I only tested with my test/privat environment so far. This is running on a domain server with AD DNS, but I use it mostly over the internet with DNS name from a public DNS server. But this DNS record shouldn't change to often ;-)
But as I'm connecting over the internet (and WiFi), the connection could be a bit unstable... don't know how the extension is able to handle such circumstances...


It's actually very nice to contribute with you guys! As I'm currently on a world travel trip for the next months/years, I hope I'll find some more time for things like that. Unfortunately I'm not going to Australia, otherwise I would come over for a beer :-)


All the best,



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