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Bulk reset all passwords that a user knows


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Quite often you may have an employee leave the company, whether it be on good or bad terms, and to prevent that user from accessing certain systems you need to reset all passwords that he or she knows.  



Passwordstate has a feature that can reset all passwords a specific user has seen since they were last changed.  If the passwords are set up for automatic resets in Passwordstate, then they will also be reset on the remote system too.  If you are using the Remote Site Locations module, these resets can complete across the internet, or across air-gapped networks.


Below is the process on how to bulk reset all these passwords.


Under Administration -> Password Lists, choose the Bulk Password Resets option:



On this screen, you have a few options:


  1. Search for the user, and configure the search options as you need.  "Recommended resets based on historical user activity" is the setting where it will only return passwords that the user has seen, since the password was last reset
  2. Alternatively, you can just reset every single password that the user has access to
  3. The Site location is only relevant if you are using the Remote Site Locations module
  4. When clicking the search option, the relevant passwords will displayed in a grid.  If you choose to, you can select individual password by ticking the check box on the left hand side of the grid
  5. You then need to configure the Password Reset Schedule, and your options are to reset them "Now" or add set a time in the future by picking a date and time, and then adding them to the queue
  6. There is a second grid at the bottom of the page, which will display the passwords that have been added tot he queue.  You can monitor this grid to watch passwords being processed




We hope this helps and with a couple of clicks of your mouse you can automatically reset hundreds of passwords within Passwordstate and out on remote systems, which can save you enormous time.




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