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Further information on "One Time Access"


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I have been testing Passwordstate in our lab environment for a few weeks and I was wondering whether someone could provide a bit more information about an intriguing "One Time Access" email I received from the system.


I'm not entirely sure what I did, but I was playing with a test users permissions and received an email saying:

aproctor-test1 's (test\aproctor-test1) One-Time Access to the password 'sw01a' in password list 'Lab Switches' has been removed.


This seems to imply that it is possible to give someone a single use access to a password (or list) and automatically revoke that permission once the password has been accessed, rather than set an expiry time. I have an obscure use case where this might be helpful and was wondering if this is what "One Time Access" to the password means, and if so, how did I manage to do it, because I can't work out how to do it again!


It's equally possible that this was a timed password expiry notification letting me know that the expiry time had passed; I was just hoping someone could clarify what this email signifies.


Thanks in advance

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