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Performance Tweaks?


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What should my expectations be for passwordstate website browsing?  Are there any tweaks or settings I can change on my infrastructure to speed up the website loading of password queries?   I'm in a small environment with the recommended server build (2016) in a VM environment.


I've found that when I use the "password" search query, I find that the searches are very fast - almost instant.   

When I use the "Password or Host" field, the whole query takes about 3.5 seconds.   First it reloads the password frame of the page, with no passwords showing.   Then after a moment and it updates to show the passwords. <- this is the lag that I find somewhat out of place.


Is this on par with what I should expect?



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Hi Mike,  


Can you take a look at the performance suggestions in this forum post and let us know if any of this helps?  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/690-performance-improvement-suggestions/



Could you possibly take a video of where you are seeing the slowness and send it through to our support email address?  Or even screenshots so we can understand exactly what page you are seeing this on?  It could be the amount of data that you have on those pages is causing the issue, and maybe our load on demand feature will assist with this.  I've pasted in a response to another customer we assisted recently with slow performance:


"The mechanics of our software for day to day use is as follows:

•    User browses to the site on their desktop
•    Everything you do in the software needs to send a request to your Passwordstate webserver
•    The web server then needs to add or retrieve data from your database server
•    The web server then sends that data back to your desktop browser in the form of HTML
•    The desktop browser needs to render the data


With the above mechanics in mind, you can imagine if links between the desktop, the web server and the database server are restricted in some way, then performance will be degraded.  We generally see people have slow performance when they host Passwordstate in the cloud, or if their servers are geographically dispersed.  Also the amount of data that you display on a page requires more HTML to be downloaded and rendered in the browser, which causes slowness."



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