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Authentication SSO and MFA

Ryan Coyle

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Hi All,


I've been looking through the manual and forum posts but I haven't come across anything that says that its possible.


I would like to use SSO authentication with MFA is this possible? Is it just a case of setting up SSO with SAML then choosing the Duo/MFA of your choice in the authentication options then it will us SSO and MFA?


Best Regards


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Hi Ryan,


If I understand your correctly, you just want to use Duo Authentication, without the Active Directory authentication - is this correct?

If so, please disable Anonymous Authentication for the site in IIS. If your browser then starts prompting you for domain authentication, then please follow these instructions - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/152-why-am-i-being-prompted-to-enter-my-authentication-details/

By disabling Anonymous, then this SSO will only work from Windows Machines.


Click Studios


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