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Restrict access to a Private Password List


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I am setting up Passwordstate for my organization, where every employee is given a Private Password List. This is done automatically through Administration -> System Settings -> Password List Options -> "When a new User Account is added to Passwordstate, automatically create a Private Password List for the user" -> Yes

This is working fine and employees can see their own private list whenever they are added to Passwordstate.

The private password list is limited to " Prevent saving of Password records if a 'Bad' password is detected viewguide.png". But the problem is, that the user can just change this, by the dropdown "List Administrator Actions" -> "Edit Password List Properties" and remove the checkmark, so "Bad" passwords can be saved. 


How do I restrict this, so that the automatically generated Private Password Lists can't be edited by the user? The user should just be able to add passwords and view passwords from their own private lists. 


Thanks in advance.

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You could use a User Account Policy for this, found under the Administration area. Create a policy, configured the two settings below, and then save the policy. Now apply permissions to this policy for "All Users & Security Groups".

For any existing Private Password Lists you have, you can also link these to a template from the screen Administration -> Password List Teamplates.



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