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Enabling verbose logging for the Browser Based Remote Session Launcher


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If you are having issues establishing connections to remote devices, it's possible that the Remote Session Launcher will log a error in the Passwordstate Error Console.  For more information about this, please see this forum post:


If looking in the error console does not give you enough information to troubleshoot the issue, you can try enabling verbose logging for the Browser Based Launcher, by following this process: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2853-error-codes-for-the-browser-based-remote-session-launcher/



1. On the server where you have the gateway installed, which by default it comes pre-installed in your Passwordstate website, run notepad as Administrator

2. Open the c:\inetpub\passwordstate\hosts\gateway\gateway.conf file and change the following lines to look like this: 



For your convenience, here is the text so you can copy and paste:


#log http header, that may contains sensitive information like password. default is true.
logHttpHeader = false
log.level = FINEST


3. Stop the Passwordstate Gateway Windows Service

4. Delete the c:\inetpub\passwordstate\hosts\gateway\gateway.log.0 file

5. Restart the Passwordstate Gateway Windows Service

6. Now if you try to replicate the issue, you should see some verbose logging in the c:\inetpub\passwordstate\hosts\gateway\gateway.log.0 file.


We'd recommend rolling back these changes to the gateway.conf file after you have finished troubleshooting your issue, as this can leave some potentially sensitive information in the log files.


We hope this helps you identify what the issue is connecting to your hosts, but if you need to send this log file through to Click Studios, please send it in a email to the support@clickstudios.com.au email address.





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