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Error Codes for the Browser Based Remote Session Launcher


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If you are having an issue connecting to some hosts using the browser based launcher, it's possible that you may find an error code in the Passwordstate error console.  This can be found under Administration -> Error Console.


We have compiled a list of known error codes below, which may help troubleshoot the issue.  You can also enable verbose logging for the Browser Based Launcher, and to configure this please see this forum post: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2852-enabling-verbose-logging-for-the-browser-based-remote-session-launcher/




            '1': 'The disconnection was initiated by an administrative tool on the server in another session.',
            '2': 'The disconnection was due to a forced logoff initiated by an administrative tool on the server in another session.',
            '3': 'The idle session limit timer on the server has elapsed.',
            '4': 'The active session limit timer on the server has elapsed.',
            '5': 'Another user connected to the server, forcing the disconnection of the current connection.',
            '6': 'The server ran out of available memory resources.',
            '7': 'The server denied the connection.',
            '9': 'The user cannot connect to the server due to insufficient access privileges.',
            'A': 'The server does not accept saved user credentials and requires that the user enter their credentials for each connection.',
            'B': "The disconnection was initiated by an administrative tool on the server running in the user's session.",
            'C': 'The disconnection was initiated by the user logging off his or her session on the server.',
            //Protocol-independent licensing codes:
            '100': 'An internal error has occurred in the Terminal Services licensing component.',
            '101': 'A Terminal Server License Server could not be found to provide a license.',
            '102': 'There are no Client Access Licenses  available for the target remote computer.',
            '103': 'The remote computer received an invalid licensing message from the client.',
            '104': 'The Client Access License stored by the client has been modified.',
            '105': 'The Client Access License stored by the client is in an invalid format',
            '106': 'Network problems have caused the licensing protocol to be terminated.',
            '107': 'The client prematurely ended the licensing protocol.',
            '108': 'A licensing message was incorrectly encrypted.',
            '109': 'The Client Access License stored by the client could not be upgraded or renewed.',
            '10A': 'The remote computer is not licensed to accept remote connections',
            'connection': 'Failed to connect to Gateway!',
            'pwdmatch': 'Passwords don\'t match',

             //error code from server

            '1A, Message Undefined': 'Connection was attempted whilst remote server was in the middle of a reboot'
            'S0': 'New RemoteApp or desktop found. Please refresh your list.',
            'S1': 'License expired.',
            'S2': 'You must log in first.',
            'S3': 'Disconnected by server.',
            'S4': 'Control request was refused',
            'S6': 'Joining request was refused',
            'S7': 'The password is not correct',
            'S8': 'Remote control was denied due to group policy settings',
            'S9': 'The user is already under remote control',//37
            'S10': 'Remote control of the user session has ended.',//302
            'S11': 'Status update of printing: ',
            'S100': 'You password is about to expire. Days left: ',
            'S3000': 'Invalid user.',
            'S3001': 'No access right.',
            'S3002': 'Failed to generate PDF file.',
            'S3003': 'PDF Converter not found.',
            'S3004': 'Unknown host name: ',
            'S3005': 'Error:',
            'S3006': 'Wrong user name or password!',
            'S3007': 'File not found',
            'S3008': 'Failed to play file',
            'S3009': 'Only accept connections from localhost. You can try localhost,, host name, or local IP',
            'S3010': 'Session not found or cannot be joined',
            'S3011': 'Maximum number of concurrent users is reached.',
            'S3012': 'User session timeout',
            'S3014': 'Invalid symlink',
            'S3015': 'Wrong symlink password',
            'S3016': 'There is not enough free disk space.',
            'S3017': 'Can not connect to the remote computer: computer is not available or Remote Desktop is not enabled.',
            'S3018': 'File is blocked.',
            'S3019': 'Maximum number of emergency concurrent users is reached.',
            'S3020': 'Maximum number of emergency license days is reached.'



- Remote Session Launcher Browser Based Gateway Error. Error = Host not available, or Username or Password incorrect. 


Possible Issues:

- Remote Host is not reachable, check DNS or try IP Address

- Username does not exist on remote machine

- Password for account is incorrect

- Account you are using is a member of the Protected Users Security Group in Active Directory



If you see an error in here that doesn't make sense to you, please submit it to support@clickstudios.com.au and our support team will do our best to advise.





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