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How to have browser extension ignore a specific field?


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Hi all,


Just got Passwordstate set up and I'm impressed with how easy it was to switch to this from lastpass. The issue I'm having now is I can't figure out how to have the browser extension ignore specific fields. Passwordstate is filling in the wrong fields in one of my company's internal sites (it's our instance of the  veeam availability console). I've tried to set the username field to what it should be, but it keeps getting reset to a search field, which prevents me from using the website. The search field id from inspect element is id="uikit-searchfield-1270-inputEl", and the username field is id="rcop-common-TrimTextField-1016-inputEl". How do I get Passwordstate to ignore the search field and only use the username field? Thanks in advance!

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Hi NeonBlueHDD,


Today we have released a new build of the Chrome browser extension (8812) which fixes a few more issues, which includes better form filling for your sites.  The extension should automatically update in your browser, and this doesn’t require you to upgrade Passwordstate at the same time, although we did release a new build of that today as well.


If you notice the new browser extension does not automatically fill in the credentials for you, this could be caused a few reasons:


  1. You have the URL saved as an ignored URL under either the global admin area, or your own personal preferences.  Screenshots of these areas below
  2. The field IDs have changed on the website, compared to what you have saved in Passwordstate.  Under these circumstances, if you manually select a credential from the icon overlay, this will fill the forms but it will also update the field IDs in Passwordstate, for all records that have the same URL that you have access to
  3. Some websites are built differently, and this can be for many reasons. In this case you can lodge the URL to us here at Click Studios, and we’ll do our best to fix it in a future build.  You can log the faulty URL directly from your Browser Extension now – Please see the third screenshot below









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