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Bug with Extension when Searching for Website with Filename in URL

Fabian Näf

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Hi There


First a big big thank and congratullations to all the new improvements with the browser extensions. The new extension with the newest improvements is so powerfull now!


I just found a little bug. For some websites (ServiceNow), where I had form filling issues I added the filename (or how ever you call it) to the URL filed. E.g. instead of https://test123.service-now.com I had https://test123service-now.com/login.do in my URL field. So only this page got formfilled. When I now search for such a website with the extension (clicking on the icon and typing in the search field) and click on this website, it opens it wrong. Instead of https://test123service-now.com/login.do https://test123service-now.com/login.do/ is getting opened, which doesn't work (look at the ending "/").


All the best,



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Hi Fabian.


We've found another site we've replicated this with, and we will have a fix in the next few days. It only seems to be certain web servers which cannot handle the trailing /, which is why we have never noticed it before.


Click Studios

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