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Easy shareable URL for searching password for specific search string


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Currently, I am sharing the specific search phrase or folder name for users who want to get access.

For example: 

Assuming that I have put all keys related to Product -1 under Folder-1, Product-2 under Folder-2.

If anyone wants to get access to Product-1, I am sharing the name of folder  "Folder-1". 

And the users will log in to password state and search with specific string or folder by name "Folder-1"


Is there anyways I can share a direct usable URL like "https://passwordstate.mydomain.com?search=Folder-1" ,so that a user can access "folder-1" if already logged in (or user will log in to see the relevant folder)

One option is using API, but that would put a lot more of work on security, as it adds a lot of overhead for just providing relevant URL rather than search string.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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Hello Chetan,


For security reasons, we do not allow modification of the URL's like in your example unfortunately. We do have permalinks for Folders, Password List, Password Records which might help though, as they don't need to search in this case - see screenshot below.





Click Studios

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