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User selectable MFA option


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Hi Team,


I am unsure if this topic will be required to be a feature request or there if these features are currently available, however I am looking to be able to have users select the MFA option upon login.

For example, I currently have forms and YubiKey authentication setup, however I would like users to be able to select the MFA option, for example choose between YubiKey/Google Authenticator/etc.

Currently if the Passwordstate server was ever to lose connection to the internet/Yubico API, users will not be able to login due to the reliance on the API.

If this feature was available, in this scenario users could select Google Auth/Other as their MFA option, and still be able to log in successfully.

Is there currently any way to setup this up in the current version of Passwordstate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Tyler,


Sorry, but we do not have a feature for this. Users can set this on their Preferences screen, or you as a Security Administrator can do this on the User Accounts screen in the Admin area.

If you have concerns about Internet connectivity, you can always log in with the Emergency Access Login account, and change authentication options. Or, do not use authentication options they rely on the Internet Connectivity i.e. use Google Authentication, or One-Time Passwords as an example.


Click Studios

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