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Jumping into this old thread to clarify. If purchasing single seat licenses for passwordstate (https://www.clickstudios.com.au/buy-now.aspx) , do the first 5 free seats that come with the free installation count against the count of named user seats? 


Secondly, what if additional seats are needed after the initial purchase of a group of named userseats. Is it possible to add more license seats later on?


Thank you!

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Hi McGreggers99,


The first 5 licenses are free, so if you needed say, 10 users to log in, you only need to purchase 5 licenses.  When we process the order, we'll see you are a new customer and we always add the extra five licenses on top what ever you purchase.  


You will need to add the Annual Support on though, but this is a minimal charge.  You can see the exact cost of this by inserting some numbers into our buy it now page.  We publish our prices there without the need to commit to purchase.


And you can add any amount of licenses on later.  In this scenario, it's best to contact us through our sales email address, as we'll co-terminate your annual support for the old licenses, with the new licenses, so it works out a bit cheaper for you.


Hope this helps,




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