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Using a User Account Policy to force settings and permissions from a Password List Template


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Passwordstate has a feature called "User Account Policies", which are similar to Windows "Group Policies".  The idea being you create one or more rules, and apply them to a group of users.  This forum post describes how you can use a User Account Policy to force all users to enable the URL field when they create a new Private Password List.


Step 1:

Under Passwords Menu, add in a new Password List Template



Step 2:

Give the Template a name, choose an icon, and also enable the URL field





Step 3:

Create a new User account Policy under Administration -> User Account Policies, give it a name, and choose the Template you have created in Steps 1 and 2:


Step 4:

Apply the Policy to All Users and Security Groups, or choose a custom Security Group to apply the Policy to:






Now when any user attempts to create a new Private Password List, the template will be selected for them automatically:




** TIP #1 ** If you want to use a User Account Policy to create a Shared Password List, you can also set the permissions to be based off the permissions you set on your Password List Template (Setting ID #E2)

** TIP #2 ** If you choose the option to Link the User Account Policy to the Password List, (Setting ID  # E3 or #E5) then anytime you make changes to settings on the Password List Template, this will automatically update all inked Password Lists in the system

** TIP #3 **  Under Administration -> System Settings -> Password List Options, there are several settings that control the way User Account Policies can behave if using one in conjunction with a Password List Template.  Consider reading the setting on that page and decide if they will help you control your environment




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