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Stuck in Maintenance Mode


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We were in the process of upgrading to the latest build and it failed. We had to restore the database which we did but now we cannot access passwordstate and we are getting the message "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred." I checked the event viewer and it says that passwordstate is still in maintenance mode but since we cannot access the site how do i turn it off?

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Hello Kelvina,

That message you are seeing in the UI is not related to Maintenance Mode, so there is something going on with the restore you have done. If you want to turn off maintenance mode, then you can run the SQL Statement below with SQL Server Management Studio:

USE Passwordstate

UPDATE SystemSettings SET MaintenanceModeUserID = ''

Do you remember what the issue was with the upgrade? If you go into the Upgrades folder in Passwordstate, is there a upgradelog.txt file in there, as it might have logged the error?

I'd recommend using SQL Server Management Studio to test database connectivity, using the database credentials you see in the web.config file - located in the root of the Passwordstate folder.


Also, in the following manual (https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Passwordstate_User_Manual.pdf) page 255 -> 258 shows how to restore your database.


Click Studios

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Another option is to query the database for the maintenance mode username.  The command below will give you the exact domain\username necessary to run the upgrade process.


USE PasswordState


SELECT MaintenanceModeUserID

  FROM SystemSettings


Running this command worked for us and once we logged in using the username given we were able to perform the upgrade.


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