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Install Firefox Extension via GPO


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Hi Eric,  


Please use this URL below, and can you let us know if you get this working?  We might create a Firefox GPO forum post too for other users.  We haven't tested this ourselves yet, but if you run into any issues, we will set this up and document the process.






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The above link did not work for me.  However, here are the steps that did work.  Please let me know if support sees any flaws or problems with my steps. 


Using the Firefox Group Policy I modified the "Extensions" section under Computer Configuration:




Under this section I modified both the "Extensions to Install" and the "Prevent extensions from being disabled or removed" options:




In the "Extensions to Install" I added the link that is reference when you hover over the "Add" button in the "Add Extensions" portion of Firefox.  The link I added was the following:






Then in the "Prevent extensions from being disabled or removed" section I added the ID of the Password State extension.  This was found by using the about:memory section of Firefox.  The value I entered was:






After these changes were made a simple "gpupdate /force" command was issued on my test machine and the extension was add and couldn't be removed by the user.






Hopefully this will help someone else in the future!


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