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create new email template viewed with reason

Tobias k

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Hi ClickStudios Team,


is it possible to create an email template to send a notify mail only if an Password viewed with a "reason" to PasswordList Admins?
For us it isn't importent that the the PasswordList Admin get for every view an mail. We have many of views per day and this mails spam the colleagues.
We have PasswordLists where the user must write a reason. For this Passwords is it important that the Admins get directly a mail.

Can we create this template self?

We tried to create a "schedule Report" but then we get the mail to late or to often.

Hope you can help me.


Kind Regards



Build 8812

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Hi Tobias,


Unfortunately we do not currently have a feature for what you need. Out of curiosity, how many Password Lists do you currently use? I'm asking because there is a setting on a Password List called 'Disable Email Notifications for this Password List', so you could enable this on all Password Lists that you do not want to see these email notifications for.


Click Studios

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thank you for your answer.

currently we have more than 3000 PasswordList with 8000 Passwords.

We can't disable email notifications for this Password list  because we need the mails for deleted Passwords.

We have currently disabled the "Password Viewed" in "Email Templates"




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