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Moved lists (by other user) causes errors


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A concurrent user created a folder and moved some Password Lists into this folder, so that they didn't appear at the root level of Passwords.

(I requested this to manage our environment)


This caused me to receive errors on the Passwords Tab, saying I did not have permission to the Password Lists (even though I am Security Admin) that had been moved.


Refreshing the page did not remove the errors, nor did it make the new top level folder appear.


I had to logout completely from PasswordState and re-login to clear the errors and see the folder.

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Hi Steve,


A couple of us just tried to test your scenario above, but did not see that same issue you were - maybe we did not have the same permission model as you, and by that, maybe you had folders propagating permissions, or something different.


For us to look into this further, could you provide steps for us to reproduce it?


Click Studios

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The users had setup manual permissions on the folder and not propagated permissions.


I'd prefer not to play in Production to reproduce the issue, so I will try to give what details I can to assist you.


1) Initially they created top level password lists with individual permissions (and I may have been included as a user)

2) I asked them to create a root folder, move the lists into the folder, and also use group permissions instead of user permissions

3) they created the folder with manual permissions

4) they moved the password lists into the folder

5) they changed the permissions to groups, removing the users (including myself)


I'm not sure when in this sequence I received the error relating to the password lists


Hope this helps.


If it occurs again I will make sure to collect all relevant details


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Hi Steve,


Thanks, and I think that makes sense now - when we did our testing, the new folder was receiving its permissions from the nested Password Lists.


Regardless of whether or not you are a Security Administrator, it seems you permissions where removed from the Password List in this instance (at the time you were accessing the Password List, or refreshing the screen), as you were redirected to the screen informing you of this.

Every time a Password List is clicked on, we check if the user still has permissions or not.


Click Studios

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