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Passwordstate Email Notifications Explained


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Passwordstate has a over 50 different types of live email notifications that are used to alert users of a specific event happening within the software.  This can range from a simple event like a user has copied a password to  their clipboard, to a License warning being sent to all Security Administrators.  You will need to have configured your email server settings under Administration -> System Settings -> Email Alerts and Options for this feature to work.



All emails notifications are enabled by default, which can cause email clutter for your users.  For this reason, you have the ability to control which emails you receive, or as a Security Administrator you can control what emails other users in the system receive.  Below are some instructions on how to configure this.


Control your own emails:

Under your Preferences menu, select Email Notifications:



Now disable the emails that you no longer wish to receive:





Control which emails are sent to specific users in the system:

As a Security Administrator, go to Administration tab, and then select Email Notification Groups and click the Add button:



Give your Notification Group a relevant name and description and click Save:



Now from the Actions Menu, select "View Notifications" and disable the templates of your choice.  In this example, I'll be disabling the Copy to Clipboard Notification only:





We then need to apply this to users of your choice.  In this instance I've created a group which holds all of my Passwordstate users, and this group will be assigned to this notification group:





With this Notification Group now active, all users will no longer receive the Copy to Clipboard emails.


Note 1: If a user has specified their own Email Notification Settings as part of their Preferences, any permissions you apply here for the user will override their personal settings.
Note 2: If you have more than one Notification Group created for a user, any disabled email categories will over-ride any enabled ones (be careful applying duplicates for a user).



Disable emails globally:

As a Security Administrator, it's possible to disable emails, so they cannot be used at all in the system.  This will disable the emails no matter if a user has them enabled under their own preferences, or if they are enabled in a Email Notification Group.  You can disable this under Administration -> Email Templates from the Actions menu.




If you disable the email from here, under no circumstances will the email be sent to your users.




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