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How to set up a report to alert users that a sensitive password has been viewed


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Your company may have some very sensitive passwords that you want to be alerted of when they have been used.  This forum post will show you how to set up a scheduled report for this, so you will be alerted within 5 minutes of the password being accessed.


Password Record Example:

See screenshot below for a password record we have set up, but in particular, look for the value in the Description field



Setting up the Report:

What we'll do now is set up a Scheduled Report, which runs once every 5 minutes.  This report will not send off an email if the password has not been viewed, so you will only get an email when needed.  You can change the schedule to any time you like, if you don't need to know the password has been viewed within 5 minutes


First create a new Scheduled report:



When creating the report, give it a Title and a Description if you wish, but importantly make sure you CC in a user or a mailbox of your choice.  The report will be sent to yourself but it will also CC in this mailbox.  Also ensure you tick the option to not send the report if no results are produced, and choose the report type as "Custom Auditing Report":



Now on the Schedule tab, select the report to generate once every 5 minutes




And then on the Auditing Settings tab, select the Password List where the password is located, the Activity Type as Password Viewed, query the previous 5 minutes of auditing activity, and finally put in the unique value you set in the Description field on the Password record.




That's it!  Save the Report, and you'll now be alerted if the password gets viewed within 5 minutes.







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