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Moving to a new server in a new Domain

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Hi Guys,


The initial setup for evaluation would not authenticate against AD (major project under way, long story) so we have commissioned a new server in the new AD. Therefore I would need to remove Passwordstate from the old server in the old domain and install afresh in the new.


Question - can I use the same database as the first installation? Or do I need to drop that database and start again entirely?


Thanks, Peter

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Hi Peter,


Currently we don't have the functionality to be able to migrate domain accounts in Passwordstate to different domains, mainly because of the way the UserID is encrypted in quite a few of the tables.


It is possible to add multiple domains in before the migration, and then start to duplicate your user accounts (for the different domains) and permissions, but this may be a bit of work for you. If you don't have much data in Passwordstate yet, it may be easier to simply export your passwords, reinstall from scratch, then reimport the passwords.


If you prefer to try the migration I've suggested, let me know and I'll provide a bit more detail.



Click Studios

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Hi Hussain,


To clone all user permissions from an old account to a new one, please go to Administration -> User Accounts, and then click Clone User Permissions.  Under here you select the source user, and Destination user, and whether or not you want to copy the permissions of their Private Password Lists across too.


On this same screen, we also have a Bulk Clone button which you can use if you have many users you need to copy across.


I hope this helps and please let me know if this isn't what you are after?




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