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How to use a Password Strength Policy to ensure passwords meet requirements


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You have a list of passwords that are used for higher privileged purposes, and you need to ensure that the passwords being set on those accounts are extra strong.


Step 1:

As a Security Administrator, go to Administration -> Password Strength Policies, and Add a new policy.


Step 2:

Under Policy Settings tab, set your policy requirements and ensure the Password Strength Compliance is set to Excellent and the Compliance is Mandatory should be set to Yes.  Save your policy.



Step 3:

Go to Administration -> Password Generator Policies and Add a new policy.


Step 4:

Ensure this Password Generator Policy meets the minimum requirements of your Password Strength Policy that you created above.  ie, minimum of 15 characters, at least one lowercase, upper case and one number.



Step 5:

On your Password List, assign both your Password Generator Policy, and the Password Strength Policy that you created, and now you will be guaranteed that any password set on any password in this list will meet your requirements.










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