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Copy multiple Password Lists/template to another folder


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Hi ClickStudios Support,


I would like to confirm if it is possible to copy or add multiple Shared Password Lists to another Folder. I have created several Password List templates, and it seems that you can only add one at a time in a Folder.

For example:


-Client A folder has the following Password Lists:







-Client B folder


No, I have an existing Folder called Client B which doesn't have any Password Lists at all. Now, are we able to copy all of PL1 - PL 5,  to Client B folder? As per my understanding, you can only Bulk Copy/Move Passwords/Records via the Administration tab (Administration -> Password Lists, and then from the 'Perform Bulk Processing' dropdown list you can select 'Bulk Copy/Move Passwords'.)




Thanks in advance,



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We have some of the folders already setup. but doesn't have any Password Lists yet. Is there any other way aside from cloning the folder?

I have tested the clone existing folder, only for new additional ones. It does copy all the exiting/nesting Password lists. It also doesn't have a destination as the new clone folder goes directly under Passwords Home.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jerry,


The only other option we have for this is to create Password Lists via the API - you would need to script this using something like PowerShell.

We have documentation for our API(s) under the Help Menu in Passwordstate.


With the cloned folder being under Password Home, are you not able to drag-and-drop it to the location you need?


Click Studios

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