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Hosts with "title" not sorted by alphabet

Fabian Näf

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Hi there,


I've some hosts for which I set the "title" field additional to the hostname to have a proper name displayed in the hosts tab. But there's an issue with sorting, they are not sorted by the displayed title, but instead (as it seems) by the hostname, which is not visible. So the ordering is not by alphabet anymore and messed up.

Would be nice, if this could be fixed in a comming release :-)


All the best,



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Hi Fabian,


Can you tell us what build of Passwordstate you are using, as this appears to be working for us. In Build 8744, we have the following in the changelog "In the Hosts navigation tree, hosts will now be sorted correctly if some records are using the Title field instead of Host Name".

If you are using a later build, can you give some examples of what values you are storing in the Title field, so we can do some testing?


Click Studios

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