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If you are an Administrator who looks after Passwordstate, you may also use additional hardware or software to protect your server and website. We here at Click Studios definitely aren't experts in all the different variations our customers use on their networks, so this is a dedicated forum where our community can come together a discuss these technologies.


Technologies such are Nginx reverse proxies, Web Load Balancers,  cloud based proxies and even Antivirus software are common causes of issues with Passwordstate, if the external system isn't configured correctly.  If we get feedback from our customers about a specific setting that that can assist with making Passwordstate run better, then we'll post it here.


We'd be very appreciative if people could work together in this to discuss configurations and things that did, or did work for them.  If you come across an issue, and can confirm it's an issue with your reverse proxy for example, please log it here and hopefully someone else has seen the issue before and can provide you with an answer.


If you are using something like a Load Balancer or a Reverse Proxy, our support will normally ask as a test to bypass the device and if that fixes the issue, then we know it's an issue with how the device is configured.  Our support will still do our best to help you,  and may be able to provide some insight into what our application is trying to do, which may help you make some changes on the external device.


Thanks for your help!



Click Studios Support.



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