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Logon using URL with a DNS


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Is it possible for users to login with dns name instead of remote access to the host and enter http://localhost:9119

I tried using the IP also and it would not work. I would like my users to connect to passwordstate from anywhere withing the internal network using a dns name. Please let me know if this is possible.

ex: https://dnsname:9119 instead of http://localhost:9119

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Hi fatabong,


Yes this is certainly possible, and something we recommend. With how you've currently have Passwordstate installed, your users can connect using http://:9119 - obviously replace the serverhostname with the correct value. A better option is to create a CNAME DNS entry (say passwordstate), and then modify the bindings in IIS to match the new DNS name you have created.


Once you have changed the bindings, you can also change the port number to 80 (instead of 9119), and then you can connect withhttp://passwordstate


I hope this helps.



Click Studios

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