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SAML login doesnt work


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Hey everyone,

we have configured the SAML 2 for the application but when i use my application url (https://passwordstate.company.com) i get to my ADFS login with this error:


but if i use the IDP Target URL that is set in the SAML 2 configuration in passwordstate app, i can login with no issue:


we have other apps and services that are using our ADFS with no issue. is there anything that im possibly missing?

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the ADFS is set to allow all users. the problem is as soon as i hit enter to browse our application, i get the error in that screenshot that i sent. i don't even get to enter my username and password. this is the current Access control for passwordstate in our ADFS:



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Hello Amir,


Can you tell us if you've specified the Audience Restriction?

If so, can you please let us know what you mean by "i don't even get to enter my username and password" - is this username and password reference from your SAML provider, because you should not need to enter username and password in Passwordstate when using SAML Authentication?


Click Studios

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the issue was fixed. i had to enter a value for Audience restriction in the app settings. as per suggestion by clickstudios support, i entered the application mail url (https://passwordstate.company.com) and everything started working fine

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