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High Availability - Active, Active


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running build 8942, server core 2019


Currently running Active/Passive HA. Looking to promote to Active/Active. Does this configuration take place from within PasswordState web console, or will this be done using back end config files? I cannot seem to locate these options.

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ok, so to answer my own question, unless I'm missing something. 


Active/Active or Active/Passive is determined at the initial HA configuration.


Next question; now configured as ACTIVE/ACTIVE HA, both nodes should be listed under HA menu correct? I am only seeing the one

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Hi Rob,

Only the High Availability instances of Passwordstate will show on the screen Administration -> High Availability Nodes. So your primary server should never show here.

What dictates HA from a Passwordstate perspective is the 'PassiveNode' key you see in the web.config file, which is located in the root of the Passwordstate folder. Your primary server should always have this set to False, but your HA Server can have this set to either True (read-only), or Active (Read-Write).

To use Active for your HA Instance, your SQL Server's need to support this as well i.e. not use Transactional Replication, but instead use Basic Availability Groups, Always On Availability Groups, or Clustering.


So you need to change one server so this PassiveNode key is set to False, and then restart your Passwordstate Windows Service - otherwise this Service will not perform it's basic functionality.

We are also changing this in V9, so that the PassiveNode key is no longer used, and this setting is controlled via the UI instead.

I hope this helps.


Click Studios

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Ok, we are set in terms of SQL clustering; always on, I have ACTIVE/ACTIVE running.


We will be tying this into a Load Balancer appliance. Now PasswordState is Load Balanced, how does this extend to Password Reset portal? It is installed and running, am I able to LB this as well

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