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Error in Windows Dependency Account Discovery Scan


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Good afternoon everyone!


I'm trying to work out the errors in the Windows Dependency Account scan.  I'm seeing this across a handful of hosts: Error = Could not find a part of the path '\\\'..


Has anyone else figured out how to go about working through this error?  I've verified DNS is good, and tested by IP(changed hostname to IP in PasswordState host settings), which gave a winrm error until i finagled trustedhosts but once I cleared that up it went back to the above error.


I get this on a good chunk of the hosts I am trying to scan, including some that share the same OU/GPOs, but not all of them.  Nothing in Error Console.  I've got a handful of powershell Events that do look to include the discovery scan that I can forward to support if needbe.    


Open to any ideas, hoping someone else has run up against this and worked their way through it.  



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I believe I've resolved this.  For anyone else who comes along behind me, the failing servers also failed to update to WMF5.1 somewhere in the past.  These were all servers that had in place upgrades performed on them.  They all still held on to powershell version 4.0.  All working machines were on 5.1 or newer.  Updated one of the non-working machines to 5.1 and it started working as expected.


Going to test with a few more machines but this appears to have resolved the issue for me.  

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