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TreePath different depending on API call


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I'm using the API for an integration with some other software.  When I'm testing I noticed that if I call the API for the password by ID the TreePath only contains the parent folder  If I call by searching for the name, the TreePath contains the parent folder as well as the list name.


For example, I have folder named Dev and a password list inside the Dev folder named Test.  This passwordlist is ID 10.


If I call: https://passwordstate.xxxxx/winapi/passwordlists/10

The TreePath I get back is: \Dev


If I call: https://passwordstate.xxxxx/winapi/searchpasswordlists/?PasswordList=Test

The TreePath I get back is: \Dev\Test


Is this a bug, or expected behavior?




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Hi Jonathan,


Thanks for reporting this, and we've corrected this for the next build - basically it will report in the format of your second call above.

We'll post back here again as soon as the new build is available.


Click Studios

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