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New folder API returns incorrect description


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When I post to /winapi/folders to create a new folder the result I get back has the incorrect description.  It seems to get the name as the description.  The actual folder that gets created has the proper description set, this only appears to be an issue with the data returned from the post.


See the example below.  I set the description to "this is the desc" but the return has the description "test1" which is the name.


PS Z:\powershell_scripts\Passwordstate> $json
    "NestUnderFolderID":  "12",
    "FolderName":  "test1",
    "Description":  "this is the desc",
    "Guide":  "this is the guide",
    "SiteID":  0,
    "CopyPermissionsFromPasswordListID":  "10"
PS Z:\powershell_scripts\Passwordstate> Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -uri 'https://passwordstate.xxxxxx/winapi/folders' -ContentType 'application/json' -Body $json -UseDefaultCredentials

FolderID FolderName Description TreePath
-------- ---------- ----------- --------
      68 test1      test1       \Dev


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Hi JSmith,


Thanks for the forum post and this does look to be a bug.  I can replicate both issues.  I've logged a bug fix for this and we'll report back here as soon as we release a new build with this fix.  It will be in the next release which might be 1 - 2 weeks away at this stage.


If you'd like us to email you as well as report back here, please let us know and we'd be happy to do that.  Thanks for brining this to our attention.




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